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deVour Magazine is the collaborative brainchild of 3 women that live and breathe Music, Fashion, Art and Beauty. Four unique individuals coming together to lead you into a world of art not seen as normal to the common eye. We believe that within darkness lies the richest of all beauty; beauty that is sometimes overlooked or disregarded. We are a collective of creative minds that strive to push the envelope, shatter barriers and open minds.

deVour thrives off of the blood, sweat and guts of artistic souls; to provoke emotion. We want the reader to be swallowed into a land of dark artistic imagery and sound. Our heart beats for the unusual and ugly. It is within this simple yet raw; bare all vision, which we hope to leave a lasting impression on our readers. deVour is where you go to be consumed by raw emotions, musical talent and the intense passion for dark beauty. deVour will stand out on its own simply because we are not trying to stand out. Our goal is to inspire those who choose to pick it up and dare to look upon its pages.

Each book is a culmination of 3 separate, yet equal, parts The Trinity.

Aesthetics – deVour’s Aesthetics section is meant to make you believe in beauty being something other than perfection. Beauty is in all things, and darkness is essential in it’s greatest moments. It is darkness, recklessness, passion and a drop of blood, sweat and tears from its creators to be able to take you into our deepest darkest dreams and help you believe. It is where we will explore and allow you to learn how to express your best outside self. Take you into the minds of deVour’s resident Makeup Artist’s and showcase their ability to create magic. Visual stimulation that's sure to devour your senses.

Mediums – deVour’s Artistic Mediums section showcases the talents of all Artists and their choice of medium, be it Sight, Sound, Taste or Feeling, A place in which you will be immersed in our culture and lifestyle. We will delve into the art world and introduce you to the best and brightest Musicians, Actors, Fine/Street/Tattoo Artists, Graphic and Interior Designers and Culinary Masters. We will explore dark representations across musical genres from EDM, Goth, Industrial, Alternative, Rock, Metal and more.

Editorial - deVour's Editorial section will be an obscure compilation of avant garde fashion editorial spreads, in depth info into it’s artist's inspiration and intimate features. Our features will showcase talents within the fashion world such as Photographers, Designers, Models, Muses, Makeup Artists, Hair and Wardrobe Stylists and Art and Creative Directors. Our goal is to overload your sensory organs with pages upon pages of amazing collaborations from all over the world.

Let the unspoken be heard, let there be no limits, let the guts of an artist be shown. Creating is an emotional process and with that being said, deVour wants to showcase all that goes into making something with ones own hands; the dedication, the passion, the sorrow, and the life cycle of creating a masterpiece.
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Blood moon eclipse is happening right NOW! Christine our Creative Director is sitting in her driveway wrapped in a blanket lounging in a chair with her lemon tea, green apple and watching the sky. Perfect night! Hope you are enjoying as well #moonspirit #bloodmoon #moon #lunareclipse #night #sky #stars #universe #life #love #magical
Everyone has their own path. No one of us is the same. Follow it wherever it make take you… #path #life #followyourheart #crooked #beautiful #dreams #fullmoon #bloodmoon #love #live #happiness


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Hyalophora cecropia (Saturniidae), the Cecropia Moth, is North America’s largest lepidopteran (11-15cm wing span).

Hyalophora cecropia is a very colorful moth. it has a red body with white stripes. reddish-brown wings with crescent-shaped white marks and eyespots on the upper tips. The edges of its wings are a light tan. These moths are found east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and southern Canada [source].
This photo shows a mating pair found in Urbana, Illinois, US.
Photo credit: ©Alex Wild

Drew Barrymore in George magazine - September 1996